Information about the ANBI status of The Habitat Foundation


Official name: De Habitat Stichting - The Habitat Foundation
Postal address: Starrenburglaan 16, 2241 NE Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 50132482
Legal entities and Partnerships Information Number (RSIN): 8225.63.666

Board members
Dennis Wansink - Chairperson
Marijn Prins - Secretary
Martin Epe - Treasurer

Board remuneration policy
All board members perform their duties completely voluntarily. Board members do not receive any remuneration for their work but can receive compensation for the costs they have reasonably incurred in the performance of their duties.

1. The foundation aims:

  • To support the conservation of sustainable populations of wild plants and animals and their habitats at national and international levels;
  • To involve the local people in realising the above mentioned objective;
  • To perform all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or that may be conducive to it.

    2. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things:

  • Facilitating projects in the field of knowledge transfer and the provision of hands-on services;
  • Providing information and advice;
  • Providing financial support;
  • Supplying material;
  • Carrying out projects.
  • Financial policy

    The Habitat Foundation supports organisations and people working on research, management, and conservation of plants and animals and their habitats, taking into account the wellbeing of humans. After all, we share the same world. Currently, the focus of The Habitat Foundation is on Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is still very rich in pristine nature but it is threatened by the fast economic development in these countries. Unfortunately, nature researchers and conservationists don't benefit from these economic developments but with a little help, they can make important changes.

    The form of support The Habitat Foundation delivers depends on the needs of the person or organisation asking for help. It can be in the form of volunteers that help with fieldwork, or who share their knowledge about and experience with research and conservation. It can also be in the form of financial support or support in-kind. The policy of The Habitat Foundation is to help the person or organisation to find volunteers, money or materials. For this it uses its extensive network among nature researchers and conservationists in Europe.
    The Habitat Foundation is not a fund that collects money in general. We apply for grants or ask for donations based on project plans developed by the person or organisation asking for our help.

    In every project proposal, a small amount of the budget is set aside to cover the general expenses of The Habitat Foundation, like the costs of the maintenance of our website and public relations, and the costs of board members and volunteers.

    Financial and activity reports

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