Support nature with a gift in kind

Having good equipment is crucial for effective nature conservation and research activities. But good equipment is expensive. Many nature conservation organisations in Eastern Europe don’t have that money. You can help them by donating your old gear. We will make sure it reaches those in need.
Any gear will do, from binoculars to live traps, from bat detectors to wildlife cameras. As long as it is not too much damaged and is still working properly.

How does it work?

  1. You donate your old material to The Habitat Foundation as a donation.
  2. You send the material to our office or drop by. In both cases, please inform us in advance by email (
  3. The Habitat Foundation checks the quality of the materials to decide for which purposes and/or organisation they fit best. If needed and possible we will refurbish the material.
  4. The Habitat Foundation ensures that the material ends up where it is most needed.