Carnivores and infrastructure in Romania


The Carpathian Range is one of Europe’s last bastions for large and awe-inspiring carnivores. Of the total estimated large carnivore populations in Europe, Romania harbours 39% of brown bears (6,000 animals), 35% of wolves (2,500 animals) and 21% of Eurasian lynx (1,200 animals). But part of the Carpathian populations are threatened. A narrow strip of suitable habitat connects the Apuseni Mountains with the Southern Carpathians of Romania. However, new planned transport infrastructure, industrial developments and on-going unsustainable exploitation of natural resources are threatening to increase habitat fragmentation and to completely isolate the Apuseni Mountains.


Aim of this initiative is to preserve a functional ecological network for large carnivores between the Apuseni Mountains and the Southern Carpathians in Romania.


  1. Organise a visit to Romania by experts on mitigation measures for large carnivores along infrastructure. They will advise the beneficent Radu Mot about the possibilities for tunnels and ecoducts for the threatened animals.
  2. Formulate a letter to the European Commission (EC) urging her to impose proper connectivity mitigation measures for the Lugoj–Deva motorway project.
  3. Make sure the Romanian government implements the advised measures.


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