bat detector

Montenegro (Photo: Wauter Ralph Kolk)

Batloggers for Wildlife Montenegro

Batloggers for Wildlife Montenegro September 1, 2023 The Habitat Foundation supports nature researchers and conservationists in Eastern Europe. The support can be simple but nevertheless important. One of the organisations supported is NGO Wildlife Montenegro. Currently, Wildlife Montenegro is conducting a survey on mammals in an area where a wind farm is planned. Bats are …

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Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland

Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland February 27, 2012 The Dutch Mammal Working Group Zuid-Holland donates € 2,000.- for the project Bats and forest management in Belarus. We use the money to buy bat detectors for the Belarusian bat workers. The goal of the project is to get more people working on bats and their conservation in Belarus and …

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