Nedko Nedyalkov with wildlife cameras - crop

Your gifts make the difference

Wildlife cameras for Roach’s mouse-tailed dormouse Since 2017, The Habitat Foundation supports the research of Nedko Nedyalkov on Roach’s mouse-tailed dormouse. It is one of the five dormice that live in Europe but it is very rare. It only occurs in the most southeastern part of Europe, where Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey meet. Currently, only …

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Montenegro (Photo: Wauter Ralph Kolk)

Batloggers for Wildlife Montenegro

Batloggers for Wildlife Montenegro September 1, 2023 The Habitat Foundation supports nature researchers and conservationists in Eastern Europe. The support can be simple but nevertheless important. One of the organisations supported is NGO Wildlife Montenegro. Currently, Wildlife Montenegro is conducting a survey on mammals in an area where a wind farm is planned. Bats are …

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Brochure Bats and forestry ready

Brochure Bats and forestry ready November 29, 2014 In the summer of 2012 The Habitat Foundation organised a workshop about bat research and the use of bat detectors in collaboration with APB BirdLife Belarus. As a follow up of the workshop we decided to make a brochure about bats and forestry. For the conservation of …

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Leaflet Bats in Belarus ready

Leaflet Bats in Belarus ready August 21, 2013 Belarussian Forestry is in the process of FSC certification, with over 70% of the forests being managed according to FSC criteria. This implies that the foresters take the well being of wildlife into account in their management and exploitation of the forests. Bats are species that are …

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EUROBATS sponsors Belarusian bats

EUROBATS sponsors Belarusian bats December 10, 2012 The EUROBATS Projects Initiative (EPI) sponsors the project ‘Bats in Belarus’ with a subsidy of € 2,500.00. With this subsidy we can produce a leaflet about bats and forest management, one of the goals of this project. The leaflet will be based on existing leaflets in English and …

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Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas

Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas June 20, 2012 For the project Bats in Belarus we received an English and a German version of the text-book about European bats: ‘Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas’. It is a very thick book (400 pages) and describes all the species in Europe and the northwest of Africa. It is illustrated with …

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Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland

Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland February 27, 2012 The Dutch Mammal Working Group Zuid-Holland donates € 2,000.- for the project Bats and forest management in Belarus. We use the money to buy bat detectors for the Belarusian bat workers. The goal of the project is to get more people working on bats and their conservation in Belarus and …

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