National species action plan for the Mouse-tailed dormouse

November 14, 2019

Mouse-tailed dormouse (Myomimus roachi) (Photo: Nedko Nedyalkov)

The Mouse-tailed dormouse is one of the rarest mammals in the Western Palearctic. Because of its small distribution area it is categorised as vulnerable in the IUCN Red List. It is also include in Annex IV of the EU Habitats Directive. Because the main part of the population of the species is located in southeastern Bulgaria, Bulgaria has a great responsibility in preserving this species for the natural wildlife in Europe. Hence, the Bulgarian government started the development of a Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Mouse-tailed dormouse in Bulgaria. The action plan will contain descriptions of:

  1. Key places and habitats of the species;
  2. Threats and limiting factors for its species and habitats;
  3. Restorative and supportive nature protection measures;
  4. Restoration and maintenance conservation measures for the key places and habitats of the species;
  5. Measures for monitoring and control over the implementation and effect of the planned and implemented nature protection measures and policies;
  6. Budget and time schedule for implementation of the measures and activities proposed within the scope of the plan.

The Action Plan has to be ready within the coming five years.


Nest boxes for very rare dormouse