Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)

Telescope for Wildlife Montenegro

Telescope for Wildlife Montenegro August 12, 2022 The Habitat Foundation supports nature researchers and conservationists in Eastern Europe. The support can be simple but nevertheless important. Recently, a telescope was donated to the NGO Wildlife Montenegro. Wildlife Montenegro is a young organisation established by a group of volunteers. The goal of the organisation is to …

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Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas

Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas June 20, 2012 For the project Bats in Belarus we received an English and a German version of the text-book about European bats: ‘Handbuch der Fledermäuse Europas’. It is a very thick book (400 pages) and describes all the species in Europe and the northwest of Africa. It is illustrated with …

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Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland

Donation by ZWG Zuid-Holland February 27, 2012 The Dutch Mammal Working Group Zuid-Holland donates € 2,000.- for the project Bats and forest management in Belarus. We use the money to buy bat detectors for the Belarusian bat workers. The goal of the project is to get more people working on bats and their conservation in Belarus and …

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Donation by BirdLife Netherlands

Donation by BirdLife Netherlands February 23, 2012 BirdLife Netherlands and the National Postcode Lotery donate € 3.000,- for the project ‘Bird survey in Southeast Europe’. The money comes from the Kingfisher Fund (IJsvogelfonds). This fund was established in 2011 by BirdLife Netherlands, with financial support of the National Postcode Lotery, to help small bird working …

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