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Tree frog (Hyla arborea) (Photo: Dennis Wansink)

It’s time to #RestoreNature

It’s time to #RestoreNature March 25, 2023 Currently, nature in Europe is in a deplorable state. The consequence is that any activity having only the slightest negative effect on the quality of nature brings its components, that is plants, animals, fungi etc., nearer to extinction. Since we all depend on nature (who’s going to produce …

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Otter (Lutra lutra) (Photo: Dennis Wansink)

EU Nature Restoration Law

EU Nature Restoration Law November 29, 2022 The Habitat Foundation, together with Mammal Conservation Europe (MCE), Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Europe (RACE) and BatLife Europe, reacted to the proposal for a Nature Restoration Law adopted by the European Commission. This new proposal addresses damaged ecosystems, improving food security and tackling the biodiversity and climate crises. …

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Lynx (Lynx lynx (Photo: Rollin Verlinde / Vilda)

Request to EC for Romanian carnivores

Request to EC for Romanian carnivores April 18, 2011 The experts that met in february in Romania to study the possibilities for connectivity measures along the Deva-Lugoj motorway sent a letter to the European Commission urging her to impose proper connectivity mitigation measures for the Lugoj–Deva motorway project. The motorway will intersect an extremely important …

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Field visit to Deva-Lugoj motorway

Field visit to Deva-Lugoj motorway February 2, 2011 Initiated by The Habitat Foundationa a group of specialists from Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands visited the area in Romania where the new motorway between Deva and Lugoj is planned. They discussed the possibilities for tunnels and ecoducts for the threatened large carnivores. People from the …

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Het is tijd voor #Natuurherstel

Het is tijd voor #Natuurherstel 25 maart 2023 Momenteel verkeert de natuur in Europa in een erbarmelijke staat. Het gevolg is dat elke activiteit die ook maar het geringste negatieve effect op de kwaliteit van de natuur heeft, haar componenten, dat wil zeggen planten, dieren, schimmels enz., dichter bij uitsterven brengt. Aangezien we allemaal afhankelijk …

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